Atlanta McDonald's employee says customer started brawl, says video backs her story

An employee at the McDonald’s who was involved in a brawl outside the restaurant wants to tell her side of the story. 

She claims the customers, not the employees, started the fight and were the aggressors.

"I was very upset. I couldn’t believe it happened because it shouldn’t have taken place from the get go," Josie Lowe said.

Josie Lowe couldn’t sit by after seeing FOX 5's initial story of a brawl outside a northwest Atlanta fast-food restaurant on Friday, November 4. In that report, a woman claimed employees attacked a group of her friends over a wrong order.

"I’m thinking I’m about to take my smoke break and here they come pulling around hopping out the car four deep," Lowe said. 

Josie says she was one of the employees involved in the altercation and claims the girls aren’t as innocent as they seem. 

"Everything just started getting loud. They started hopping out at the back window," Lowe said.

Lowe believes video posted to social media supports her claims.

The video appears to show one of the customers throw the first punch that resulted in the huge melee.

FOX 5 got a copy of the full police report from the Atlanta Police Department where several witnesses told officers those inside the car got out and were the aggressors. 

"She was taking off her shoes and everything like that. She was like, ‘Why you won’t squad up? Why won’t you squad up?" Lowe said. 

The report shows management at the McDonald’s told police surveillance cameras also captured the fight.

Josie says it should have never happened especially over something so insignificant as food.

"Just don’t choose violence. Try to walk away because it’s not worth it at the end of the day," Lowe said.