'Training Days' for Atlanta nightclub, bar owners aim to reduce violence

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens' goal of reducing crime at the city's bars and clubs continued Saturday afternoon with his administration's second "Training Day" event.

The mayor's office says the goal is to bring together industry leaders in the nightlife scene and pair them with local police precincts to communicate about the best policies to keep patrons and staff safe.

'This nightlife economy is important to Atlanta and we want people to have great and safe places to go," Dickens said.

He said it's not about enforcement, but to elevate the voices of business owners.

"Everyone has the rights to bear arms," one Atlanta business owner said. "So now it gets even more serious because those people are walking around, and you'll never know what their mindset is. So it's really good to understand that, so you can be better at handling situations."

Training days will be held on a quarterly basis.