Atlanta-based Israel Consul General says Iran attack should concern everyone

Israel's envoy here in Atlanta says Iran's retaliatory attack on Israel last night should be of concern to everyone in both the Jewish and broader community here in metro Atlanta.

"It really is a threat to us all, it is a threat to the entire free world," said Anat Sultan-Dadon, Consul General of Israel to the Southeastern United States.

That’s how she characterizes Saturday night's attack by Iran against Israel.

FOX 5’s Eric Mock spoke at length with her Sunday about the threat to Israel from Iran after the attack was largely thwarted by Israeli, U.S. and other allied forces, and whether Israel would fire back.

"Is there any indication that Israel will retaliate against Iran?" Mock asked. 

"The Israeli government, the Israeli prime minister, have stated that Israel will take the action that it deems necessary in order to protect our country and our citizens again. As is the responsibility of any sovereign nation," Sultan-Dadon said. 

While she stopped short of confirming any retaliatory strike against Iran, we asked whether people here should be concerned about an escalation by Israel into an all-out war with Iran.

Sultan-Dadon said even though the attack largely failed, she equated Iran's attack with that of Hamas' on Oct. 7.

"Just like that, terror cannot go unchecked, because the alternative is to sit by and be slaughtered again. That is the case, also, with regards to a terrorist state that not only makes the threats, but acts upon them. We cannot allow for them to be able to act upon their threats," Sultan-Dadon said. 

Local Jewish community leaders say they're worried that just like the October terror attack led to an increase in antisemitisim, that this attack could have the same effect.

"For those who disagree with Israel's policies, using it as an opportunity to defame Judaism and deface our institutions," said Rich Walter, Chief of Programs for the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

"We've had to, as an organization, invest well over half a million dollars since Oct. 7 in security measures," he said. 

Sultan-Dadon says that's also something she’s concerned about.


"This should be of grave concern to all of us," she said. 

On Saturday night, Atlanta Police put out a notice saying they're on high alert for any threats against Jewish places of worship.

Sultan-Dadon says she hopes all agencies in the Metro will be extra vigilant for any threats against the Metro's Jewish community.

"Of course, law enforcement has been and remains committed to ensuring that hate is not able to carry out any attacks here, and I hope that we will see more and more take a firm stand against terror," Sultan-Dadon said.