Atlanta EMTs, Paramedics load up ambulances, head to Texas

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Dozens of metro Atlanta paramedics are headed to Texas to help the tens of thousands of people impacted by Hurricane Harvey. 

Some 55 paramedics from the American Medical Response began leaving the headquarters in DeKalb County overnight. FOX 5 News has learned they are taking everything you would find in a field hospital.

According to the AMR regional director, several of the medics responded to other out-of-state natural disasters, including Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew.

"We are incredibly proud of our staff. These are some of the highest clinically trained folks, EMTs and paramedics in the state of Georgia. They specialize in everything from critical care to geriatric care to pediatric care. So, incredibly proud of the staff," said Terrence Ramaton, AMR Regional Director. "There's no shortage of volunteers, so you know this is one of those times that when that staff wait for that call, and this is their call, and they are headed down tonight."

The director added Sunday's deployment will not be the only one, and AMR crews will continue traveling to Texas in the coming days.