Atlanta City Council reacts to Subway shooting

State lawmakers this year modified the gun carry law to give owners even more rights.

However, an individual's option to have a gun doesn't automatically apply to a business in greater Atlanta or statewide.

At City Hall this week, local legislators reacted to a bizarre incident near downtown at a Subway sandwich shop.

Police say a customer was unhappy about the way his sandwich was prepared.

One thing led to another -- words exchanged -- and the patron allegedly began firing killing one employee and injuring a second worker.

Marci Collier Overstreet, a councilwoman, asked Deputy Chief Timothy Peek about the incident.

"I don't know that I will feel comfortable shopping or dining out with guns everywhere," Overstreet commented.

Peek explained a business within the law can restrict weapons by posting a sign saying such.

And the president of the state restaurant association said in an interview that patrons of full dining establishments should have no concerns.

Karen Bremer said isolated incidents of gunplay are not taking place at these restaurants.

Should someone try to ignore the posted signs, Bremer said, a manager should "politely explain to that customer that weapons are not allowed and to please take that gun out to the car."

The restaurant president tells her members do not confront the patron. A call to 911 is the proper way to handle the matter.