Photography school steps in for students after Art Institute of Atlanta closes

After the sudden closing of the Art Institute of Atlanta (AIA), students were left scrambling to figure out how to continue their education. One school focused on photography announced it would be stepping up to the plate to help the affected students enroll.

Sara Keith, the owner of the Atlanta School of Photography, has opened a scholarship fund to provide free classes and discounted workshops for students of AIA.

"A student's dream of higher education should never be in jeopardy of loss," the Atlanta School of Photography website reads. "The will and dedication to become a professional artist takes a truly unique person, and we want to do our part to support them."

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Female model strikes a pose (Credit: Denise Duplinski, @dduplinski)

To apply for the scholarship, students must provide proof of enrollment at AIA. You can find more information here.

Keith is also still accepting donations to help more students.

AIA said it would be mailing current students up to five official copies of their transcripts at no cost to help with transfers.