Atlanta Airport's new GM wants to stay competitive

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John Selden has had two months to get his feet wet at the world's busiest airport.

The general manager at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport says the Atlanta facility is in excellent shape but will need to remain competitive.

By that, Selden means, adding operations that will enable airport staff to move travelers quickly to their destinations.

A multi-billion-dollar expansion program got underway before Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms hired Selden. He says a look at the numbers show why it is needed.

Passenger traffic is up by two million compared to the same period twelve months earlier.

Eventually, Selden says, the airport will need to add a sixth runway and an additional concourse.

But is there enough space on the Southside of Atlanta and Clayton County to handle all the growth?

Yes, says Selden. And he would tell the mayor, if she asked, there is no need for a second airport. When there is more than one airport in a geographic area, Selden says, those flights compete for airspace leading to congestion and delays.