Are you ready to take your dog to work Friday?

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If pets in the office can reduce stress, Friday’s going to be a pretty chill day.

Take Your Dog To Work Day is June 24, created in 1999 and modeled after the wildly popular Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

Although the holiday might seem silly, it turns out there are benefits to bringing little Fido to the workplace.

Allowing pets in the office could give your company a competitive edge when it comes to hiring employees. While it can encourage people to get their own pets (and research shows owning pets makes us happier), and it also removes any guilt employees may feel about having to leave their animal at home when they come into work.

Banfield Pet Hospital, with more than 900 pet hospitals nationwide and a pet-friendly workplace at its Portland, Oregon, headquarters, found similar results in its 2016 survey of pet-friendly workplace benefits. These included: Reduced stress, Improved workplace relationships, Greater work-life balance

Increased productivity and Decreased guilt over leaving pets at home

Of the 1,006 employees and human resource decision makers surveyed, only 22% of employees work in a pet-friendly environment, but those who do say that it greatly improves their workplace.

It may not be the norm yet, but with all the research coming out about how it can improve your company, you might be seeing more puppies in your office soon.