APD and The Varsity team up to crack down on street racing

The Atlanta Police Department is cracking down on illegal street racing after a pop-up street race ended in illegal fireworks and hundreds of people running from police officers.

"The police are caught off guard, we're caught off guard. It's like all of a sudden, they're here!" said Gordon Muir, the President of The Varsity.

Countless cars and hundreds of people flock to the varsity parking lot after the restaurant is closed for street racing parties, and in the last year, the restaurant said it has spent $25,000 in security upgrades to its parking lot to keep the racers and spectators out.

"It's escalated, and the fireworks are a new addition," said Muir.

Surveillance cameras from The Varsity parking lot show smoke from the fireworks billowing well after midnight on December 21. The Varsity’s owners said this group has spun out of control.  

Atlanta Police have warrants out for two people: Thomas Crooms and Kevin Mosely. Crooms is now wanted for shooting off fireworks as hundreds of people stood inches away.

"They're all at risk, they're all at risk, and all it takes is a momentary loss of control, and we will have a catastrophe on our hands," Major Darin Schierbaim of the Atlanta Police Department.

"We like car cruisin', but not closing down the street, smoke, fireworks," said Muir. "All that it has to stop," said Muir.


As cops arrive in the parking lot in the surveillance videos, cameras show crowds scattering. Oscar Santos and Jose Coverrubias were arrested and charged for reckless driving. APD said they're working hard to pump the brakes on this operation before someone gets seriously hurt.

"There's fun and proper ways to own a vehicle and this is not one of them--this is unsafe and illegal and it doesn't matter where you live we will determine who you are and arrest you," said Major Schierbaim.

Atlanta Police said if you see these illegal gatherings and can safely take down plate numbers, do so, call police immediately.