RIP Elsie: Puppy burned by boiling water dies after intense rescue

An 11-week-old puppy severely burned by boiling water has died from her injuries. The Alpharetta-based rescue team responsible for trying to save her life claims the traumatic experience happened a week before her family ever took her in to be treated.

"By now, you have seen our heartbreaking post," Angels Rescue updated their Facebook community Saturday morning. "Elsie had such hope in her eyes."

Just days before, Elsie the puppy was taken to an emergency vet office, who then contacted Animal Control after hearing what she had been through.

"Apparently, the story is that the puppy was given to a three-year-old child who either dunked it in a pot of boiling water or poured boiling water on it a week ago—just brought it in last night," a spokesperson for the vet shared with Angels Rescue on Feb. 15.

Elsie's entire body was bandaged up, she wouldn't eat, and she was at risk of infections and getting septic. The team said she would need daily care and close monitoring. They posted graphic images of her injuries in their comment section.

"Think and say the horrible things you want to say. Cry, cuss, send hatred, and then … come back," a spokesperson for Angels Rescue said, sharing Elsie's story on social media. "Now, let's save this poor, burned puppy. It only makes us feel good to be furious. The world is indeed a scary place. But, now you are here."

That Thursday, Elsie received a transfusion but developed edema, a sort of swelling that occurs when fluid is trapped in the body's tissues.

"You see a precious puppy in an adorable pink bandage wrap. But we cannot unsee what is under that full body bandage. Horrible, painful burns. A red, scalded body with patches of skin peeling off. Pain. Suffering," Angels Rescue posted to Facebook that night.

On Friday, the team announced Elsie seemed to plateau and was finally taking her liquid diet.

"Small steps in the right direction, but we are far from out of the woods," the team posted.

But on Saturday, things took a turn.

"We are devastated to announce that this morning, our sweet Elsie succumbed to her injuries. We find solace in the fact that we know we did everything we could," the team posted. "Run free, Elsie."

Thousands of people reacted to Elsie's story. Some responded out of anger directed toward the anonymous family. Others responded to the rescue team with love and support.

"She knew so much love in the last days of her life," one user responded. "Thank you for helping her."

In honor of Elsie, Angels Rescue is encouraging the community to learn more about fostering, to give other abandoned or abused pets a second chance.