Almost a dozen Cobb County parks and the Silver Comet Trail are reopening

There are about 90 parks in Cobb County. Most of them, those with amenities will still be off-limits, but parks with wide-open spaces, where people can easily keep their distance, will be open starting Saturday morning.

"We're only opening our passive parks. Those are the ones that don't have tennis courts and softball fields and playgrounds where people tend to congregate," said Cobb County spokesman Ross Cavitt.

Eleven parks and three trails, including the Silver Comet Trail, will be open.

"Those are the parks that we're opening so people can go out, get some fresh air, get some exercise and not be in the vicinity of a lot of people," said Cavitt.

Visitors are not required to wear a mask, but there are signs warning them to practice social distancing and not to go to the park if they're showing possible COVID-19 symptoms.

Park rangers will be out with gentle reminders for those who aren't following the guidelines. The rangers will be concentrating their efforts on the Silver Comet Trail where the county has received complaints about large groups gathering.

Stefanie White is looking forward to getting back to her almost daily jog on the Silver Comet. But she doesn't think she'll be going right away.

"I have a feeling it's going to be crowded. There's been a lot of people wanting to get back on the traIl because they don't have a neighborhood to walk in, so I'll probably give it a week or two," said White.

If all goes well, other parks could open sooner rather than later.

"The actions of those in the passive parks will determine how we move forward with opening the rest of the parks," said Cavitt.

Here is a list of the Cobb County trails and parks that will be open starting Saturday, April 25.


• Silver Comet TrailNoonday Creek Trail Bob Callen Trail


• Allatoona Creek Park 5690 Old Stilesboro Road, Acworth

• Camp McDonald 2726 Watts Drive, Kennesaw

• Ebenezer Downs Park 4057 Ebenezer Road, Marietta

• Furr Family Park Old Westside Road, Austell

• Green Meadows Preserve 3780 Dallas Highway, Marietta

• Heritage Park 60 Fontaine Road, Mableton

• Hyde Farm 721 Hyde Road, Marietta

• Kemp Family Park 4331 Burnt Hickory Road, Acworth

• Old Clarkdale Park 5195 Clark Street, Austell

• Price Park 4715 Stilesboro Road, Acworth

• Schmidt Park 451 Anderson Road, Marietta

• Shoupade property 4770 Oakdale Road, Smyrna

Stout Park5315 Brownsville Road, Powder Springs

Trolley Line Park4700 North Church Lane, Smyrna