Alligator caught in Georgia Dollar Tree store's parking lot

(Georgia Department of Natural Resources)

An unexpected shopper made quite a stir when they showed up at a Dollar Tree in Augusta, Georgia.

And by unexpected shopper, we mean a 4-foot-long alligator.

According to a Facebook post from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, officers were called out to the Dollar Tree after the young gater was spotted chilling out in the store's parking lot.

In the 911 call reported by WJBF, the store's manager called 911 in distress, telling the operator, "There's an alligator at my front door."

After catching the critter, officers measured and tagged it before releasing it into the Savannah River.

According to officials, alligators are common in East Central Georgia and probably was going on its way from one body of water to another.

Authorities encourage folks not to feed any alligators you happen to come up. According to Georgia law, it is illegal (and dangerous) to feed a wild alligator.