Allegations That Led to Arrest of Former Spalding Sheriff's Captain

FOX 5 has learned more about the shocking allegation that caused the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to arrest a former Captain with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

Spalding County District Attorney Scott Ballard said it started with an internal affairs investigation into Captain David Gibson.  That led to a GBI investigation at the request of the Ballard.  He said it was then that additional sheriff’s department employees came forward and shared their stories of alleged sexual and physical abuse by the former captain.

According to the arrest warrants Fox 5 obtained, many of the allegations of sexual misconduct and physical assault took place at the sheriff’s office in Spalding County.  At least three of the warrants detailed alleged sex acts Gibson performed on two different women without their consent and one act on himself while a woman was made to watch.

District Attorney Scott Ballard, who requested the GBI investigation, said the women were too afraid to come forward for years.  Some of the allegations date back to 2006.

“The internal affairs investigation was very thorough and had been completed when the captain chose to resign.  It was then that some of these same victims, and one or two additional, came forward and told us more.  And these things, that if true, would rise to level of serious criminal conduct,” Ballard said.

In one of the warrants obtained by Fox Five, it stated that Gibson used threats of “physical violence” if she reported the alleged “illegal sexual activity.”

There are two warrants that said Gibson put his victims into headlocks. And during one physical assault drew his department issued taser and discharged it.  The warrant did not accuse Gibson of shocking the woman.

The warrants detailed how at least three women endured sex acts.  One warrant accused Gibson of exposing himself and performing a sex act.  The warrant suggests there is evidence to be found on an office floor and wall.

Gibson is charged with aggravated sexual battery,stalking, aggravated assault, public indecency, sexual battery, simple battery and violation of oath of office.

“We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that it is law enforcement that reported one of their own.  I think that is very important to point out, “ Ballard said.

Gibson is being held in jail.  He will have a bond hearing on Monday morning in Spalding County.