Alabama beats Georgia 38-10

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Update: Alabama beats Georgia 38-10

You've got to really love your team if you set up tailgate tents in the rain, a day ahead of time.

UGA grad Jackson Stout is setting up an incredible tailgate for more than 600 guests. He said the deluge of rain won't dampen the bulldog fans bite.

"I think Alabama is going to sorely lose. It's going to be low scoring so let's say 27-21," Stout said.

University officials said Sanford Stadium is sold out. More than 100,000 people will flood the city of Athens for what is arguable the Dogs toughest match up this year.

Analysts give the dogs the edge. UGA track player Derrick White agrees.

"Bama it's all hype. We are fine. It's all good. Everybody is confident over here," White affirmed.

Freshmen roommates Hannah Leader and Mary Helen Button are hyped.

"It is gonna be packed, it's gonna be insane. There is gonna be standing room only in the student section," Leader commented.

"Definitely Georgia. Dog pride. I'm pulling for Georgia. I am gonna make some bets. I'm going all out," Button remarked.

University officials asked fans to pack their patience. There is a 100 percent chance of rain, so traffic will be a mess. Plus parking will be a challenge because the school closed the intramural fields, which is a loss of 2,000 parking spaces. But true dog fans say none of that will matter.

Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols is a triple Georgia graduate.

"The running backs that we have Sony Mitchell, Nick Chubb, there's no way Alabama can touch our guys," Echols proclaimed.

The matchup begins Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at Sanford Stadium.

Big Game Day Parking Headaches

They are the lucky ones, members of the Georgia Bulldogs RV Club who've been parking together at pre-paid spots at Bulldog Nation events for years now. But this game between arch rivals Georgia and Alabama may require a bit more cozying up at least when it comes to parking.

"They've told us they're going to be pulling a lot of cars in a lot tighter, parking them in and around our RV's and we're ok with that cause we understand the situation," said Alva Younger, the Secretary-Treasurer with the Georgia Bulldogs RV Club.

The situation involves Mother Nature bringing rain which has soaked the intermural fields taking away lots of parking spaces.

"So we can't put cars on them? How many cars is that? 2,000, that's a lot of cars? A lot of cars," said Neal Evans with UGA Parking Services.

He also said another 1,500 or so parking spots are also lost to other campus locations off limits due to weather. He said there are a couple of overflow lots further away which will have limited free bus service.

"They're going to have to go out further and be bussed in, how about getting back to their cars? That's going to be on them, gotta walk back? right," said Evans.

Earl Easter who drove in from Florida and is staying with family was looking for the perfect parking spot.

"We're scoping out parking for tomorrow's game. And the mud's going to mess up everybody. What have you found? Just a few spots and you have to get here early," said Earl Easter.

An overflow crowd is expected at Sanford Stadium for the Georgia-Alabama game, more than one hundred thousand people according to campus officials. And parking on campus and outside the boundaries of UGA will be at a premium.

"They're just going to have to park where ever they're told to park. They're just going to have to get here early and stay late," said Ernie Marler with the Georgia Bulldogs RV Club.

UGA officials also said fans can begin tailgating on game day starting at 7 a.m.