Adventure Outpost at the Waterfront now open in Stone Mountain Park

The Adventure Outpost at the Waterfront in Stone Mountain Park has officially opened just days before the highly anticipated annual Summer at the Rock event. The event is set to run from June 8 to July 28.

The Adventure Outpost, which opened on Memorial Day, offers a range of activities and rentals that are new to the park this year. Visitors can now rent single and tandem kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and take part in lake tours on a pontoon boat. The 45-minute pontoon tours provide a beautiful and serene experience on the lake, showcasing the park's stunning natural scenery.

The park spans 3,200 acres, with many areas that remain unseen by visitors who only hike up the mountain and leave through the main gate. The park features 15 miles of hiking trails, including a five-mile trail around the base of the mountain. Additionally, there is a designated lane for bikers and walkers on the backside of the mountain, offering a safe and car-free environment.

Park representatives emphasize that there are numerous amazing activities to enjoy at the park, many of which are often overlooked by visitors. With the opening of the Adventure Outpost, guests now have more opportunities to explore and appreciate the park's diverse offerings.

As Summer at the Rock approaches, visitors are encouraged to venture out and try something new at the Adventure Outpost, making the most of the park's extensive recreational options.