Accused street racer's license suspended

An Atlanta area court is attempting to make punishment stick for street racers who have been charged with multiple traffic violations. The action is in response to strategies that have had little impact.

And just on Sunday, along Mt. Paran in northwest Atlanta, drivers were out again in a residential neighborhood putting on a performance -- burning rubber, smoke billowing from donuts, or lane drag. That is driving in circles, engine accelerated.

The Atlanta court took action against a young man -- 19 years old at the time -- who was cited for doing donuts in a separate incident. That infraction followed an earlier traffic incident in which Antonio Ojeda was clocked speeding excessively. How fast?

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A trooper said Ojeda's Camaro hit a top speed of 143 mph.

The Atlanta City Court decided to suspend the license of Ojeda.

"I applaud the judge," said Howard Shook, a councilman who represents Buckhead.

"I would argue that if you have violations like these, you essentially forfeited your privilege to drive," the councilman added.

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