81-year-old Md. woman arrested for trying to use counterfeit ride tickets at amusement park

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Marilyn Hammerman (Photo: Rehoboth Beach Police Department)

An 81-year-old Maryland woman was arrested for trying to use counterfeit tickets in an attempt to go on a ride at a boardwalk amusement park at Rehoboth Beach, according to police.

Rehoboth Beach Police said Marilyn Hammerman, of Rockville, Maryland, gave the counterfeit tickets to an employee while trying to ride the bumper cars at Funland. However, the employee, who has been working at Funland for several years, noticed the tickets were fraudulent after past incidents and contacted management.

Police were then called to the scene and Hammerman was found to be in possession of 20 counterfeit tickets.

Hammerman was charged with one count of theft of services under $1,500. She was released on $100 bail.