5 Most memorable stories of 2016 - Russ Spencer

“One of the great stories of the year for me…was the story of Fred Barley, the homeless teenager who biked all the way from Conyers to Barnesville because he wanted to better himself. He wasn’t asking for help from anybody," answered anchor Russ Spencer.

This story reached millions of people and tens of thousands reacted on Facebook.

Just two weeks after the story broke, people from all over had raised more than $200k to support Fred in his goal of obtaining a college degree. The Facebook group "Success for Fred" was created and currently has more than 37,000 members. As Russ posted, "some stories strike a nerve."

The thing that was most incredible to seasoned journalist Spencer was that “He didn’t expect to get this help…and all of these blessings just fell in his lap.”

Russ summarized the phenomenon nicely:

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