3rd suspect in custody after attack on school police officers

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PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Police say three suspects accused of an attack on school police officers are in custody.

Police announced on Monday that Edwin Burgos 23, was charged with 2 counts of the following: Criminal Conspiracy, Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault and related offenses.

Two days after Philadelphia police released the video of the officers being attacked, 19-year-old Roger Millington turned himself in. A second suspect who is a juvenile was arrested Wednesday.

Cell phone video shows total chaos during a fight between two students and three adults who jump in.  It shows one victim on the ground while several jump in to punch and kick him. Another person walking away also gets punched.

But even worse, another piece of video shows two Philadelphia school police trying to stop it all when the attackers turn on them. One officer is punched and shoved to the ground, according to the video. The video shows the second being attacked, too.

The fight happened at Castor and Cottman Monday afternoon. It involved a student from Woodrow Wilson Middle and another from Northeast High stemming from a prior incident between the two. Police say the adults were there to watch or make sure it was a fair fight but they jumped in.