19-year-old held at gunpoint during Marietta home invasion

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Marietta police are searching for two men who broke into a woman's apartment and held a gun to her neck.

Officers said the home invasion happened at 2 a.m. at the Crawford at East Cobb Apartments. The 19-year-old victim was asleep at the time. Police said the masked gunmen wore gloves. Officers said one put a gun to her neck, while the other ransacked the apartment.

WATCH: Residents react to hearing about home invasion

“You can only imagine, you are asleep in your bed, by yourself and these two men just come plying into your apartment, searching for something, holding you at gunpoint. You are petrified,” Officer Brittany Wallace said.

Police said the young woman just moved to Georgia in January. She had planned to go to college soon.

Neighbors we talked to were unaware of the assault.

“This is definitely scary. I am so glad I have a dog,” one resident said.

Police said the only description they have on the intruders is that the men were about 6 feet in height.

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