Portia Bruner's Thrifting 101

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Everyone likes to save a buck, but would you wear someone else's clothes to do it?

That's the question we posed to a couple of Fox 5 viewers who were very skeptical about what you can find inside a thrift store.

FOX 5's  Portia Bruner shows us what happened when two skeptics went thrift shopping for the first time.

Thrift shopping is very popular. But, some folks just find it a bit overwhelming, or just don't like the idea of wearing a total stranger's used clothing.

That's why we asked Atlanta Thrifting blogger Keren Charles to give 2 Fox 5 viewers a lesson in thrift shopping 101.

Now here's the key.  You still have to shop with a budget and you should still carry a list to help you stick to that budget.

If you're looking for blue jeans, find the blue jeans and get out. if you're focused on career clothing, get those items, enjoy the savings and keep it moving.

The idea is to get more for your money, not to spend more money then you have in your budget.