Hikers take on triple challenge with Monadnock Madness

It’s likely that you’ve never heard of a monadnock.  But if you’ve ever climbed to the top of Stone, Panola, or Arabia Mountains, you’ve been on one.  And if you’ve been to the top of all three in one day, you’re a Triple Hike Champ!

Watch video here

The 5th Annual Monadnock Madness is happening this month, presented by the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area Alliance in an effort to get people exploring these geological wonders.  A monadnock, by the way, is a particular kind of granite mountain that juts out from the flat landscape around it.  This month, the Alliance is encouraging people to hike Metro Atlanta’s famous monadnocks, (Stone, Panola, and Arabia Mountains) and print out the online “passport” to prove that they’ve visited all three.  Those that return a fully-stamped passport by the end of the month will get a special prize, and really motivated hikers can take part in one of this month’s Triple Hike Challenges, which takes groups on a fast-paced hike of all three in one day!

Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning learning more about these unique North Georgia features, making a mad dash to visit all three during a single newscast!

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