Fighting for fitness with George Foreman III

He’s an undefeated professional boxer and son of a two-time world heavyweight champion.  Now, George Foreman III is bringing his love of the sport to Atlanta, and hoping to inspire people here to K.O. their unhealthy habits and become champions of their own lives.

George Foreman III’s EverybodyFights is a fitness program that uses boxing as a tool to lose weight and build strength.  Foreman III began boxing as a way to lose weight himself, and ended up following in his famous father’s footsteps with a career in professional boxing (he finished his career with a perfect record of 16-0, by the way). 

Foreman III opened his first EverybodyFights in 2014, which has now grown to include locations in Philadelphia, New York, and Lexington, Kentucky.  Now, Foreman III is adding Atlanta to the list, with an “in-gym box” location at Windy Hill Athletic Club — in other words, it’s a smaller boutique studio located inside the large athletic club. 

“EverybodyFights is a safe opportunity for people to get a chance to push themselves past what they believe is possible,” says Foreman.

So, how does an EverybodyFights class work?  It’s 50 minutes of high-intensity training, starting with a warmup and then continuing through actual boxing combinations based on real fights.  “I asked my father, actually, I said, ‘Dad, what are the most important fights that I should know as a trainer?’ and he gave me 10 fights.  And then I mapped another 30 fights, ones that those fighters fought,” says Foreman.

Windy Hill Athletic Club is located at 135 Interstate North Parkway in Atlanta, near the I-75 and I-285 interchange in Cobb County.  A schedule of all classes, including boxing in the EverybodyFights studio, may be found here.

It should come as no surprise that as soon as we heard George Foreman III was coming to Atlanta to check out the newest studio, the Good Day feature team immediately made some plans to meet him there.  So, did the boxing champ suffer his first defeat at the hands of the one and only Paul Milliken? 

Well…you probably already know the answer.  But click the video player above, anyway, to see what happened!