Burgers with Buck: Semper Fi Bar and Grille


First Ralph Roeger recruited Carrie to join the Marines.  Then he recruited her to be his wife.  This month, the two veterans celebrate the second anniversary of their restaurant, the Semper Fi Bar and Grille in Woodstock.  A place where active military, veterans, and first responders are honored and recognized daily for their service.

The décor at the Cherokee County restaurant is like a military museum, many of the pictures and artifacts personally donated by the patrons.  The concept is to not only honor brave Americans but to also give them a place not only to enjoy a great meal together but also a place for them to fellowship and exchange stories. 

The burgers are served with either a single or a double pattie, of course, #BWB opted for the double.  We featured the Jalapeno Popper Burger which consists of two (or one) patties topped with pepper jack cheese, and on top is a deconstructed jalapeno popper with cream cheese, bacon, and jalapeno, all topped with an actual jalapeno popper.  It has a kick to it as you might imagine, but it’s not overwhelmingly hot.  Heads up…#BWB recommends adding a generous helping of the homemade bacon jam.

We also feature the smokehouse burger which consists of cheddar cheese, smokehouse ranch, and wait for it, wait for it… candied bacon.

#BurgersWIthBuck would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the brave men and women who have served and protected our great nation. 

#Semper Fi

For more information on Biscuits and More including the menu and hours of operation, and more, go to their Facebook page http://semperfibarandgrille.com/.

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