Alpharetta Seafood Restaurants Brings "Ocean to Table"

There’s just something that feels right about enjoying seafood during the summer months.  And that’s why right now, Atlantic Seafood Company is working especially hard to bring the ocean to Alpharetta.


Atlantic Seafood Company features a large, award-winning menu billed as “ocean to table,” with specialties including Orange Miso Prawns and fresh-caught fish.  Another favorite is Nick’s Famous Char-Grilled Oysters, perfected by Chef Nick Carpenter – and right now, guests can enjoy those grilled oysters outdoors, thanks to the restaurant’s weekly Oysters on the Patio event (featuring some very surprising flavor combinations).


Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning with Chef Nick at Atlantic Seafood Company, getting a lesson in grilling oysters and, naturally, doing a little taste-testing.