Weekend rain floods some Fayette County homes

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Some Fayette County residents are cleaning up after flooding damaged homes and cars in one Peachtree City neighborhood. The FOX 5 Storm Team said that area got more than 7 inches of rain over the last several days.

Tim Schultz, a resident of Peachtree City’s Tinsley subdivision, said they were putting on old shoes and shorts and wading into the flood waters early Saturday morning.

“We were knocking on doors to make sure everyone was OK and didn’t need help,” Schultz said.

His stepson Rex’s Toyota appeared destroyed with flood water filling floorboards. At one time the water was up over the hood. The family, like so many others in the Tinsley Mill Villages, could not move fast enough to react to the flash flooding along Flat Creek.

Several homes were also damaged. Tinsley Mill sits right on Lake Peachtree. But residents said that’s not the problem. Flat Creek feeds into the lake, runs through the subdivision, and caused the flooding. The residents have spent thousands of dollars to shore up the banks, and improve levee but this weekend proved those measures were not enough.

Tim Schultz said the residents are hoping City Hall will work with them to identify and improve Flat Creek upstream from the subdivision.