Search for 'Eeyore' owner lost along evacuee route

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A furry friend was lost on the interstate where many Florida evacuees had traveled and an Alabama woman hopes to get him home again.

Martha Durant says she found Eeyore on the eastbound I-10 access ramp in Mobile and worries it belongs to a little one whose family evacuated from Hurricane Irma.

Durant says traffic had been heavy and backed up all day Tuesday as Irma evacuees headed home.

Since she found Eeyore, she has tried to make Eeyore "comfortable" while missing his person, and has taken photos of Eeyore "eating" apples, comfortably resting in bed, and even peering out at the interstate through a window at the area where he was found.

Durant said she spotted the stuffed animal along the ramp the first time she passed and couldn't stop then, but she came back around, turned on her flashers, opened the door and picked him up. "He's actually quite big," she said. "That day and the day before, Mobile was gridlocked on the interstate and in the city. People going home, bumper to bumper. Very very slowly," she said.

Durant created a Facebook group dedicated to finding his home and has asked anyone on Facebook to share her posts and photos to try and find his owner.

"Please please share and ask your friends to share so he can find his way home," she posted on Facebook.