Heat continues, drought worsens across north Georgia

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It has been a blustery week with temperatures at or breaking record highs.

Thursday was another record-setting day at 99, breaking the old record set back in 1900 at 94. Friday is expected to be another painfully hot day. The mercury could climb to 95 which would tie the record set back in 1991.

Some school districts have even canceled or limited outdoor activities due to the heat this week.

It is not only hot, but FOX 5 Storm Team Chief Meteorologist David Chandley says it has been dry. Too dry. Even despite the showers on Tuesday which brought some heat relief, they didn't put a dent into north Georgia's rain deficit.

As of Thursday, Atlanta is about 4 inches below-average rainfall for the year. And this is as we head into what is traditionally considered the dried month of the year.

Some portions of metro Atlanta are in a Severe Drought at Level 2.

Some changes are on the way for the weekend. Tune into FOX 5 News for the latest.


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