WATCH: UGA fan taunts neighbor after SEC Championship

The morning after the Georgia Bulldogs defeated Auburn in the SEC Championship, one Dawgs fan gave a wake-up call to his next door neighbor. 

Former Starr's Mill High School football coach Jon Gloer used loudspeakers and a microphone bright and early Sunday morning to taunt his Fayette County neighbor, who happens to be an Auburn fan. 

Gloer's wife shared a video on Facebook of her husband teasing his neighbor, joking that he had "totally lost his mind." 

"I have no words," Kathy Gloer said. 

"I would like to congratulate the Georgia Bulldogs on their fine SEC victory last night," Gloer said in his wife's now-viral video. "I would particularly like to say Go Dawgs to my neighbors, the Faulkners, at 8 o'clock on a Sunday morning."

Mrs. Gloer's video has more than one million views.