VIDEO: Chipper Jones takes swings in Gwinnett

Well, look who crawled out of the Braves' front office!

Future Hall-of-Famer Chipper Jones was at Coolray Field in Gwinnett County Tuesday, making his rounds in his role as a special assistant in baseball operations for the team. Jones attended batting practice, in part to lay his eyes on prized outfield prospect Ronald Acuna who was promoted to the G-Braves last week.

"He's got it," Jones said about the 19-year old Acuna. "He's got superstar written all over him and I'm sure next Spring he's probably gonna be pushing for a job in Atlanta- at least that's what we hope."

And by the looks of it, Jones could probably still contribute to the big club. Chipper took batting practice and shagged balls at his familiar third base on a blazing hot afternoon in Lawrenceville. Jones did swing and miss on a batting practice fastball from the right side, but took two balls over the fence batting left handed.

"I know it was a lot easier five years ago than it is today", he said.  Jones also said he was sore after taking two rounds in the cage and he probably wouldn't be able to put deodorant on in the morning.

It was entertaining to see the 19-year pro take cuts like the old days, his smooth stride still intact. For Jones it wasn't just for fun, he's preparing for a celebrity game, playing on a team headed up by his hunting partner, and former teammate Adam LaRoche.

"I don't know how good we're gonna be, but I guess if you want to see a bunch of old fogeys embarrass themselves it will probably be a fun time."