Two years after paralyzing injury, Devon Gales is ‘doing great'

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Two years after being critically injured during a college football game, Devon Gales is doing great and continues on the path toward a full recovery. 

On September 26, 2015, Devon, a Southern University wide receiver, lost his ability to walk after being hit during a kickoff return during a game against the University of Georgia in Athens. He never got up after the hit and suffered a paralyzing neck injury. Following emergency surgery, Devon was transferred to Atlanta's Shepherd Center where he began his road to recovery. 

He's since graduated from Shepherd Center but continues working toward his goal of walking again on his own through the facility's "Beyond Therapy" program. He travels with his family back and forth between Atlanta and Baton Rouge, which is where he's from.

This past May, Devon walked for the first time since his injury. His mother said he's been using a machine that's similar to having robotic legs, allowing him to walk with assistance. 

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"I am so proud of the way he has been inspiring so many people by just being himself," mother Tish Gales told FOX 5's Katie Muse Wednesday morning. 

Tuesday marked two years since Devon's devastating injury. On that day, his life was forever changed, but he never gave up hope and he's stayed focused on his ultimate goal. 

"Throughout this journey, God has truly been good to us," Tish said on Facebook. "I could talk about all the things we have lost, but because of God's goodness, I am grateful for all that we have gained, more true family and lifelong friends!"

Mrs. Gales went on to thank God for all of their blessings. 

"I just want to thank God for his goodness and all that he has in store for Devon because we know he will walk again!" 

Devon's mother said the 23-year-old just wants to continue working hard until "something happens." 

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