Stepping back into former Braves pitcher's 'Free's World'

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During the Atlanta Braves 1993 playoff run, Braves relief pitcher Marvin Freeman teamed up with FOX 5 Sports to create a four-part series called "Free's World."  Freeman took to the streets of Philadelphia to explore the city and tease Phillies fans. He also took fans on a tour of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.

Freeman was back at the Braves ballpark Sunday as a part of Braves Alumni Weekend and allowed FOX 5 to step back into "Free's World" twnety-three years later.

Since 1993, Freeman has lost his hair, but not his personality. His quick wit was a treat for the dozens of Braves fans who lined up to get their photo with him. Included in that mix was Freeman's two adult children, Paris and Justin. The Freeman children are both involved in the baseball world and both attested to the fact that their father hasn't changed over the years.

Here are the original four episodes of "Free's World" from 1993:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4