Julio Jones dispels contract rumors

Julio Jones is going through his second straight training camp with the possibility of a contract extension looming. Rumors have been swirling that the six-time Pro Bowler may have already agreed to a contract extension, but he dispelled those rumors quickly.

"I don't care about what anybody else thinks or whatever we've got going on," Jones said. "We're together here. We talk among each other, that's it. In house stays in-house. You don't go outside of that, so if somebody else has any type of information it has to be false."

Last summer the six-time Pro Bowler held out for the beginning of training camp, but this year he is on the field with the team, albeit doing light workouts while still recovering from a foot injury.

"I'm great," Jones said. "Every day I'm getting better and better. I'm doing more and more every day."

Jones and the Falcons restructured his contract last summer, giving him more money during the 2018 season. A contract extension for the veteran wide receiver this summer is likely just a matter of when it will occur, rather than if it will occur.

According to Pro Football Talk, the deal cannot be finalized until one-year after Jones' contact was originally restructured, which would be July 26. That means a deal could be made official as early as Friday.

The Falcons will return to Flowery Branch tomorrow for day four of training camp.