HIGH 5 Caravan 2017: Day 1

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Can you believe it? We are almost ready to start another season of HIGH 5 Sports!

The HIGH 5 Hand is freshly polished and ready to hit the road. Assume the position and get ready for the action this week as the HIGH 5 Caravan crisscrosses Atlanta for a little "IN YOUR FACE" practice on the first day.

Wednesday, expect the HIGH 5 Sports to visit the B.E.S.T Academy Eagles where Coach Joshua Moore and his team are getting used to their new digs. It might just be the stars have aligned for the 6-year coach allowing his Eagles to not only dominate the 6-AA and even make it to Class AA championship. Coach Moore is expected to join the HIGH 5 Sports Team live on Good Day Atlanta during the 9 a.m. hour.


“We sure hope so," said Coach Moore when asked about being a good team this season. "We have a lot of energy. As you can see the boys are excited, so we are hoping we have a really good year this year.”

Then it is on to 6-AA rivals KIPP Academy where Coach Lester Caldwell, in his 5th year coaching the Warriors, is looking for similar results.

"They can expect four quarters of effort, four quarters of fire, four quarters of fury, and four quarters of aggression," said Coach Caldwell about what opponents should expect this year.

Coach Caldwell's seniors are looking to build on the success of the past few years and make it there first.

The caravan then visits a 22-year veteran of coaching on Georgia's gridiron. Coach Rodney Cofield has been building Douglass High School's football program for the past five years.

"It's that time of year," said Coach Cofield to his team. "It's kickoff time. Every issue, every problem, every concern that you have, it's time to let them go. It's game time."

Last season, the Astros made it further than all but one of his 6-AA rivals. He is hoping his senior players are hungry enough to make it all the way this year.

Switching schools and regions, the caravan is expected to then pull into Grady High School as their last stop on Wednesday. The Grey Knights want to turn their 9-1 season last year into a perfect season this year. Coach Earthwind Moreland only had two losses last season, which he thinks are two too many. They fell early last season to Ware County, who made it only one game farther in the postseason. The Grey Knights were stopped in the second postseason round by the Woodland (Stockbridge).

Make sure to tune in Wednesday to Good Day Atlanta during the 9 a.m. hour as well as FOX 5 News at Noon and FOX 5 News at 6 for live coverage. And a full recap of each day of the HIGH 5 Caravan on FOX 5 News at 10 and FOX 5 News Edge. Also, follow @HIGH5Sports on Twitter and Instagram, and like HIGH5Sports on Facebook.