Henry County woman arrested for killing husband

A Henry County woman was arrested earlier this week for killing her husband.

Henry County police officers were dispatched to Cook Lane in Stockbridge following reports of a shooting incident on April 23. Upon arrival at the scene, officers encountered Sheralyn Rosser exiting the residence.

The body of her husband was found inside the home. Police say he was killed by a single gunshot. 

Mrs. Rosser was taken into custody by law enforcement officers and transported to the Henry County Police Precinct for questioning by Detectives. Following questioning, Sheralynn Rosser was charged with Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Possession of a Firearm During Commission of a Felony.

She was transported to the Henry County Jail to await further legal proceedings.

The Henry County Police Department continues to investigate the incident, with details surrounding the shooting yet to be fully determined.