GDA's Ron Gant on tough loss for Braves

If anyone close to the Braves organization knows about losing the first game of a playoff series its Good Day Atlanta anchor Ron Gant.

Ron was on the 1991 “Worst to First” Braves team. They lost their first playoff game to Pittsburgh but won the series.

Ron has some advice for the Braves Friday night as they take on Dodgers pitching ace Clayton Kershaw.

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“They're going to need to jump on them early. They're going to have to score one or two runs at least within the first three innings because if he does get settled in and holds you to no runs, the second half of the game is just going to be rough. It's going to be tough for the Braves to score runs off of him. So, get to him early and often. Maybe put a little pressure on him. Because he does feel pressure in the playoffs,” Gant said.

Ron said last night's disaster is what it is: playoff baseball.

Ron adds the young Braves team needs to do what it did during the regular season: go out and have fun.

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