From D3 to NFL, Berry College receiver makes school history

His toes are in the sand, but this is no day at the beach for Mason Kinsey. Just days after getting a call from the NFL, he's back to work in catching passes.

“Hard work brings profit, but mere talk brings poverty. That’s Proverbs 14:23. I try to live by that. For me, I’m always going to be working,” says Kinsey.

The former Berry College Viking wide receiver just made history. Becoming the first Berry football player ever to sign with an NFL team.

Kinsey thought he might be drafted in the late rounds, but he wound up signing with the Tennessee Titans as an undrafted free agent.

“There were some teams who talked about me being on their draft boards and things like that. Talked about them drafting me and picked other guys in front of me, that definitely puts a bigger chip on my shoulder,” says Kinsey.

Kinsey has spent his whole football career fighting. He played his high school ball at Habersham Central, and had a division 1 scholarship pulled, so he wound up at division 3 Berry College where he went on to set school records in receiving.

Helping him along the way is another former Habersham Central receiver who made his way to the NFL. Tavarres King.

“He’s like a big brother to me man. None of this would be possible if he didn’t help me out. Every time he was home, I was on the field with him getting work in.Him being in the league for six years, practicing with a pro guy, you’re absorbing everything,” says Kinsey.

King is still right there with Kinsey as he tries to crack an NFL roster.

“I tell people all the time, if I were delivering mail, I would want to be the best mailman in the country. I want to be the best at everything I do, that’s just kin of my mindset. Tennessee took their shot with me, just like Berry College did. I told Berry they weren’t going to regret it. I was going to make that the best decision they ever made and that’s my goal with the Titans as well.”

That gets started a couple of weeks from now with virtual mini-camp.