FOX 5's Chandley, UGA's Robinson reminisce on last Dawgs championship

The year was 1980. The Georgia Bulldogs had just won a national title.

And FOX 5 Chief Meteorologist David Chandley was right there in the thick of it as a student trainer for the football team.

And he unexpectedly took a souvenir that took 30 years to return to its owner: A jersey belonging to that championship team's kicker, Rex Robinson.

Chandley recently reconnected with Robinson to reminisce on that time, as the Dawgs look to claim their first crown since that 1980 season.

"I apologize for taking your jersey 41 years ago," Chandley said. "It was a joy to find that and put it in its rightful place."

Chandley gave it back in 2010 at the team's 30th anniversary reunion.

"I appreciate it; it was very cool and totally unexpected," Robinson recently said. "I never had anything like that from those days."

Those days were legendary indeed for the former Marietta Blue Devil, three-time All-SEC selection, and 1980 All-American kicker.

"I had a field goal at the beginning and subsequent kickoff was when the Kellys recovered the fumble. That was probably my favorite moment," Robinson said. "Some people thought that was something intentional that we did, but it was just miscommunication for the return guys, and it hit the ground, and we got on it.

Notre Dame let the kickoff drop, Georgia recovered, and two plays later Herschel Walker scored. The Dawgs never trailed, beating 17-10 the Fighting Irish to secure the title.

That champion group remains close to this day.

"For that senior group to be as close as they were and still are, it's amazing," Robinson said.

Robinson now works in real estate and works with other kickers.

So, could Robinson hit a 30-yarder if the Dawgs need it Monday night to win?

"Maybe, I might not be able to walk for a few days, but I could probably do that," he joked.