Former Falcons' 'White Shoe' Johnson talks Julio Jones

Former Atlanta Falcons star wide receiver Billy "White Shoes" Johnson has been watching Julio Jones and this year’s Falcons team with pride.

The NFL pioneer, who was known for being one of the first players to wear white cleats, hence the nickname, is also known as one of the originators of the touchdown dance. He doesn’t seem to do it that often, but showed off his moves Thursday to FOX 5’s Buck Lanford. Johnson said he’s not sure his moves compare to those of current Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.

Johnson: “I think really looking at both teams over the course of the year, you see who is more explosive, who controls the ball better, and yes, don't take anything from the Patriots, they are a good team, but they are methodical and it takes them forever to score, When you have lightning in a bottle, you have the advantage. I'd say the Falcons.”

Lanford: “They’re fun to watch, that offense. As a receiver, I mean how much do you enjoy watching this team?”

Johnson: “I just like how the ball goes around to 13 different guys. So if some days, I don't get a ball in two games, I knew I’d a ball that third game, but it keeps everybody involved.”

Johnson: “Just send it to Julio, and then always comes back to him. That's the best thing about the offense. Everyone has a part to play and they do it well.”

Lanford: “You're dance better than Julio, though right?”

Johnson: “I don't know about that. He plays ball extremely well, so I can imagine he can dance pretty well too.”

Once a Falcon, always a Falcon. Billy "White Shoes" Johnson worked for the Falcons organization years after his playing days. He now is track coach and a football coach at Duluth High School.

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