Falcons rookies team up with area soldiers

Falcons players went through drills that U.S. Army recruits know well, while the soldiers took their turn catching punts and throwing passes. The Falcons hosted their second annual Rookie Club Olympics on Wednesday at the team's facility in Flowery Branch.

"I've often said that our worlds are different, but there's so much we can learn from the men and women in the service," said Falcons head coach Dan Quinn. "They do 'team' as well or better than anybody."

Quinn had his rookie players at the event where they were broken into teams with the soldiers. After an introduction by Quinn and Falcons owner Arthur Blank, the teams went through a variety of events on the team's practice field, including timed push-ups, throwing passes at targets and trying to catch punts.

"Theres not any words or actions I can do to express my thanks to these guys," said Falcons rookie safety Keanu Neal. "Everything they do is for us and this country. I'm forever grateful."

After the on-field event, the players and soldiers had dinner together at the Flowery Branch facility.