Does history matter when it comes to Super Bowl wins?

The Patriots' history and pedigree have been well vetted, but the Falcons are playing only for the second time in team's 51-year history, the first in this century. So, how much is experience going to influence the outcome of Sunday night?

The New England Patriots are seeking their fifth Lombardi Trophy in the Belichick-Brady era this Sunday. But experience is in the eye of the beholder.

"There is an element when you're playing the Patriots because of past successes, because of the aura of their organization. And Bill Belichick and how masterful he is in preparing a team for a game. I think that -- I don't know how many points you would say that's worth, but it's worth something," said Troy Aikman, 3-time Super Bowl winner.

"They just got to go out there and be better than the patriots Sunday. Not better than patriots from a year ago or two weeks ago. Better than the Patriots Sunday. That's all they got to do," said Jimmy Johnson, 2-time Super Bowl winner.

But how much does experience matter?

"I don't care much about experience. We were the youngest team in the league on our first super bowl. And buffalo had been to the super bowl their third straight year. Experience didn't help them much.

"History doesn't matter. No, it doesn't," said Terry Bradshaw, 4-time Super Bowl winner. "Forget about one going for five championships, seven super bowls and what 15 -- I don't know how many years. Crazy, crazy. That's history. But they're playing the current New England Patriots who are good, but so are they. So are they."

The Patriots go into the game as three-point favorites and that line basically has stayed solid since the conference championship games a week and a half ago. The real test of course comes Sunday.

Super Bowl LI will be played at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. Full coverage can be found on FOX 5 Atlanta.

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