Atlanta United player tests positive for COVID-19

A First Team Atlanta United player tested positive for COVID-19, the team announced Thursday. The positive result was confirmed following mandatory club testing.  

Team officials said no additional staff or players received a positive result.

"In response to the positive test, Atlanta United medical staff have continued to work directly with local infectious disease specialists to treat the player, who was asymptomatic and has been observing isolation protocols since receiving the result," Atlanta United stated in a release sent to FOX 5.

Atlanta United did not identify which player tested positive for the coronavirus.

The team, along with club personnel who have been reporting to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground, were informed of the positive result immediately.

The team said it will conduct testing tomorrow morning prior to resuming training in adherence with MLS health and safety protocols.

Atlanta United began individual player workouts on May 6 and says it has followed MLS health and safety guidelines, including proper physical distancing and sanitization during individual workouts, small group training sessions and full group training sessions.

"The club will continue to work in close consultation with the CDC, local health authorities and Major League Soccer regarding testing and training guidelines."