Atlanta Braves lay sod at SunTrust Park

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The Atlanta Braves laid down sod at their new home, SunTrust Park, on Saturday.

With games little over a month away, the ball park and it's playing field are shaping up. The type of grass installed is Seashore Paspalum, Platinum TE.

They used about 109,000 square feet of sod to put the playing field together. The Braves used Bent Oak Sod Farm in Foley, Alabama as their supplier.

There are 10 layers to the playing field at SunTrust Park:

  1. geothermal pipe
  2. stone
  3. some drain pipe
  4. membrane
  5. more drain pipe
  6. irrigation pipe
  7. more stone(smaller)
  8. trench drain
  9. sand
  10. sod

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