Atlanta Braves' Chop Fest heats up the winter

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There might be a cold wind blowing into Georgia this weekend, but the boy of summer got a chance to heat things up at The Battery Atlanta this weekend as the Atlanta Braves hosted their fans for their annual Chop Fest.

It is a chance for fans and players to mingle and get excited about the upcoming season. No one might be more excited than Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman. He’s known the good years, the tough years, and last year has him extra excited for what is to come. He’s been bugging his managers to find out who or what will happen to this team before they reassemble for Spring Training within the month.

“In the last few years it was subtracting; I’m not going to lie. It is nice to add, and add to have us go further in the playoffs,” Freeman told FOX 5 Sports Reporter Justin Felder. “I love being a brave and hopefully I can be here for the rest of my career and hopefully we keep talking about additions as we go along the next few years. So it’s definitely a nice change of pace and hopefully, we can keep this going.”

Other than talking shop, Braves got to sign autographs for fans and a wide variety of events was held for every member of the family. Ronald Acuña Jr. was even spotted playing video baseball with one of the fans. He will have to play the real thing until April 1 for the Braves home opener against the Chicago Cubs at SunTrust Park.

And for fans watching those games, they will notice a slightly refreshed look of the Braves jerseys. The team debuted their look and let fans have a first chance to purchase the new jerseys.

The Braves are the defending Nations League East Champions.

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