5-year-old battling cancer hammers in Atlanta United's Golden Spike

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Before every Atlanta United game, a special guest gets the chance to drive in the ceremonial Golden Spike. It's been hammered in by famous rappers, athletes, and more.

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The person who picked up the hammer on Saturday, March 17, be as well-known as others but he had as big a heart as any of them.

Five-year-old L.J. Tucker from Newnan, Georgia was chosen to be the special guest that Saturday. L.J. has been diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), a type of difficult-to-treat brain tumor. He was part of nonprofit Bert's Big Adventure, and through that, the group discovered how much little L.J. loved soccer.

So they decided to work with Atlanta United to do something special for the little fan.

On his special day, L.J. and his family were picked up in the official Atlanta United G-Wagon and taken to the stadium with a police escort.

At the stadium L.J. met with "The Bert Show's" Bert Weiss and got to kick the soccer ball around the field. Then he and his family got to meet the teach and head coach Tata Martinez.

The moment of truth came. In front of a crowd of 52,000 people, L.J. hammered the spike down to cheers.

It was a day that L.J. will never forget.