YSL RICO case: Young Thug's brother has probation revoked, sent back to prison

A judge has now revoked the probation and sent the brother of Young Thug back to prison in the YSL RICO case.

Prosecutors told the judge Atlanta police pulled over Quantavious Grier for a traffic stop last month and quickly decided he was not following the rules.

An APD undercover officer pulled Grier over on Cleveland Avenue last month.

A gang expert told the court, Grier continuously returned to a BP gas station, which Atlanta police say is known for YSL gang, drug, and assault activity.

APD says when they pulled Grier over, there was a hint of marijuana in the Mercedes G-Class wagon and an obvious weapon nearby.

"There was a firearm that was in the door panel...grip and magazine could be seen as soon as you opened the door," an undercover APD officer revealed.

Defendant Grier had taken a plea deal in the Young Slime Life RICO case.

His original 12-year sentence was commuted to time served and the balance of 10 years on probation.

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Quantavious Grier, brother of Young Thug, will now have to serve the remainder of his sentence in prison after being discovered with a weapon. (FOX 5)

The state says the guilty plea included a curfew, no contact with his brother, Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffrey Williams, and no possession or close proximity to firearms.

The officer testified that Grier commented on the weapon as he ushered him out of the wagon.

Officer: "He stated that the gun is registered."

Lawyer: "Did he express surprise that the gun was there?"

Officer: "No ma'am." 

The judge ruled against Grier and revoked the probation. The YSL defendant will now have to serve the remaining balance of his 12-year sentence, which is 9 years and 6 months.

"You got arrested with a gun, and all you had to do was follow the rules, but instead you are riding around with a gun," the judge said in frustration.

Grier's legal problems are not over, prosecutors plan to retry him on a murder case that the Georgia Supreme Court ordered him a new trial for.