Your biggest financial regrets

Even the best person with their money has at least one financial regret. What is yours? Well, we asked you and, boy, did you have a lot to say.

A big regret for many of our FOX 5 viewers is not taking retirement savings seriously. Many of you said you should have started saving sooner or saved the small windfalls of cash you got along the way. But add in this layer - folks dipping into their 401ks to pay for a car or house - well, they regret it.

Fox 5 viewer Diane Craig Puckett wrote, "Years ago, took money out of my 401k to buy my first home." She said she didn't realize she also would owe the IRS $24,000.  "Ouch," she added.

I love this one because I get it and have always felt the same way. Listen up if you're starting a family as Kimberly Woodcock Speece has some great advice on her big financial regret.

"All of the unnecessary equipment I thought I needed for my first baby. Second child was fine with a whole lot less stuff."

I couldn't agree more! Babies don't need fancy bedrooms. Don't waste your money.

A few of you regret what you spent on college. Paying back those loans can take a decade or more for some. And it's painful.

Connie Liddell Price Burson has it simply put, "Excessive student loans."

When I asked her what she could have done about that she said, "Gotten loans only to pay for school, not to live on while I was in school."

FOX 5 viewer TJ Bell had this advice for young folks who aren't thinking through the cost of taking out those student loans.

"Student loans, even at low interest, you'll never get them paid off if you have to make a minimum payment," said Ms. Bell.

At the very least it will take a very long time. Thanks Ms. Bell. Always appreciate you chiming in. Thanks to all of you who chimed in on my Facebook page. Check for another link to more of your comments.