Young woman's body found in DeKalb County creek

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Police are trying to determine the identity of a young woman found shot to death in a DeKalb County creek.

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The body of an unidentified woman in her early 20s was found in a creek at an abandoned golf course off Fieldgreen Drive a little before 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Police said a resident was walking in the Hidden Hills subdivision along a trail when they spotted the body.

DeKalb County Police Lt. Lonzy Robertson said the woman was fully clothed and did not have a purse or any identification on her.

“We don't know if someone took her there or if she was taken from another location or if she walked there on her own. It could have happened somewhere else, brought here or it could have happened here, you don't know either way. We don't know either way,” said Robertson.


Investigators spent the evening combing over the scene searching for any clue to who the woman was and how she ended up here.

“Probably because it is so secluded and quiet... They just feel as if they can come over here and nobody would notice it,” said Mitch Porter who lives in the area.

Porter said many people use the cut through of the old Hidden Hills or Redan Golf Course. Residents said the golf course has been closed about a decade now without any incidents like this.

“I've been over for five years. It's my first time hearing of something like this. My heart goes out to whoever the family is,” said Porter


Police are calling the incident suspicious, but an autopsy will determine the official cause and manner of death.