Young mother killed across the street from her own home

Loved ones can't understand why 21-year-old Claynesia Ringer was shot in the head overnight while sitting in a car parked in front of her neighbor's home. Her aunt, who didn't want to use her name on TV, says Claynesia was supposed to begin Pharmacy Technician School.

"She was trying to better herself and make a difference. Raising her 2-year-old daughter was the most important thing to her. She loved family and brought us nothing but joy,'  the teary eyed aunt told FOX 5's Portia Bruner after the fatal shooting.

Fulton County Homicide Detectives spent the early morning hours and most of the day speaking to those who live in the home on Ocean Valley Drive--trying to flush out what happened in the moments before the young mother was killed across the street from her own home.
"She's 150 feet from her own home. How can this happen? We're not safe anywhere anymore. I need to know who did this to my niece, " the aunt said with other loved ones surrounding her.

Fulton Police say they took several items from the home and the victim's family hopes the two surveillance  cameras on the front of the house where the victim was shot will give investigators the details they need to catch her killer.

We're scared to stay here right now. We're afraid because her mom and daughter live here too and we don't know who did this or where the man is even at. We just want him to turn himself in and give us the closure we need. That's all we want," a second aunt said. "Please turn yourself in...closure...all we want."