Young leukemia survivor raises over $10K selling lemonade

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A little girl in St. Petersburg survived her battle against cancer, and decided to help other kids going through the fight -- raising over $10,000!

Five-year-old Caroline Gallagher was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was just 19 months old. She underwent chemotherapy at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, and has been in remission for nearly three years.

She decided to start selling lemonade to help other children who are going through the same thing she experienced.

“You get the stuff that’s in, like, a cute lemonade box and you, like, pour it in water, I’m guessing, and then you mix it and then you put it into a cute container with a hose and you can push it to get the lemonade out,” little Caroline explained of her lemonade-making process.

Caroline and her little sister Charlotte started C&C Lemonade Factory to raise money. Their goal for Saturday's fundraiser was to raise at least $2,000 and donate the funds to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation as well as the hospital that helped Caroline survive her battle.

The little girls far surpased that goal: they raised a total of $10,925! The donations were made in person and online, with donors across the U.S. and even from Canada and the United Kingdom.